Australia’s Mothballed F/A-18 Hornets Should Be Given To Ukraine


  1. The F/A-18 Hornet and Super Hornet would be a good fit for the UkrAF. It is a robust design that works well in auster facilities. It has better combat range and carries ordinance than the F-16. The duel engins makes it more survivable.
    The F/A-18 is being phased out of several air forces inventories in the near future so used air frames will be available for years to come.
    Boeing will be shutting down production in 2025 so Ukraine could even get new planes at a reasonable cost or buy the whole production out right which will help ensure their supply security.
    Bottom line is that the F-16 is is in high demand right now and getting them difficult. The Hornet is a very good alternative.

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