Russian intel complains of hindered work by AFU’s use of foreign languages and dialects

Russian intelligence complains that it cannot work properly due to the use of foreign languages and dialects in the Ukrainian Armed Forces. This was stated by former “LNR” fighter and self-proclaimed “military expert” Andrey Marochko.

He said that intelligence officers complained to him that in the occupied part of the Luhansk oblast, “the enemy… uses both commonly accepted foreign languages and rare languages with various dialects, which hinders the work of russian intelligence agencies”.

Marochko was most outraged that Ukrainian military personnel, whose conversations russian intelligence is trying to listen in on through various communication channels, “in most cases they know russian and Ukrainian languages”, but deliberately hinder the work of the kremlin intelligence officers.

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  1. The Ukrainians are using “Code Talkers.” Where could they have gotten such an idea? Regardless, it’s a very good idea. Just as handy as it was for the Marines in the Pacific War.

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