Medvedev threatens Russia will arm North Korea if South Korea supplies arms to Ukraine

Dmitrii Medvedev, Deputy Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, has begun threatening that the aggressor country would supply Russian weapons to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) if South Korea provided weapons to Ukraine.

Source: Medvedev on Telegram

Details: Medvedev was outraged that South Korea seemed to assure that it would not supply weapons to Ukraine, and now has changed its mind.

“I wonder what the inhabitants of this country will say when they see the latest samples of Russian weapons from their closest neighbours, our partners from the DPRK?” Medvedev threatened.

Earlier: South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol said South Korea might extend its support for Ukraine beyond humanitarian and economic aid if Ukraine suffers another large-scale civilian attack.

Yoon Sook Yeol made the announcement ahead of his official visit to the United States next week. It was the first time Seoul had expressed willingness to provide weapons to Ukraine, more than a year after it had ruled out providing lethal aid.


  1. I’m sure NK are in need of 80 year old tanks. russia can’t even supply it’s own military, never mind a fellow terrorist state.

    • The Putinazis are already arming the North Korea commies and the China commies with nukes and the rest of it, as you say, has been destroyed in Ukraine. The little seat warmer has nukes on the brain and doesn’t even understand what would happen if he used one.

  2. The SK president should be saying “Suk Yeol!” (Suck y’all!) to the tiny nazi cocksucker.
    He should refrain from “may” or “if” and just do it; ie provide Ukraine with everything they need.
    Either he’s part of the civilised world, or part of putler’s nazi axis of evil.
    In fact he should be doing a shitload more for Ukraine, because his country is rich and enjoys the protection of 35,000 US ground forces plus air and sea support if needed.
    Perhaps the Biden administration might explain why SK gets all this and Ukraine can’t even get modern jets and long range fires?

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