Anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto: Steinmeier drew a parallel between the Nazis and the Russian Federation

Veronika Prokhorenko21:04, 19.04.23

The German President said that the slogan “Never again” meant that Europe should not again have a war of annihilation. However, now it is happening in Ukraine.

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier said that his state stands firmly on the side of Ukraine at a difficult moment when Kiev must again confront a fierce war that “never” should have been repeated in Europe.

The politician stated this on an important and at the same time tragic day for German society – the 80th anniversary of the start of the uprising in the Warsaw ghetto, Der Spiegel quotes . 

Steinmeier made a corresponding speech at the memorial during a ceremony attended by Polish President Andrzej Duda and Israeli President Yitzhak Herzog. As you know, Poland is one of the countries where the Jews faced the greatest genocide by Nazi Germany.  

“Today I stand before you and ask your forgiveness for the crimes committed by the Germans,” he said.

Steinmeier admitted that during the Jewish uprising of 1943, the Germans killed many innocent people. According to him, the German people are aware of their responsibility for these crimes – it “has no end point.”

He recalled that after that terrible period, the Germans chose a new slogan “Never again”. This phrase for Europe and Germany meant that by joint efforts a war like the Russian invasion of Ukraine should never have started again. 

“Never again – this means that we stand firmly on the side of Ukraine, together with Poland and our other allies,” Steinmeier said.

Warsaw ghetto uprising

The uprising of the Warsaw ghetto is one of the most terrible episodes of the genocide of Jews during the Second World War, when the SS troops, under the influence of the ideology of Adolf Hitler, destroyed millions of Jews. We are talking about the armed uprising of the Jews, which happened on the territory of Poland occupied at that time in 1943 in the period from April 19 to May 16. Then, in the confrontation with the Germans, about 7 thousand defenders of the ghetto died. Another 5-6 thousand people burned alive because of the Nazis. 

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  1. “German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier said that his state stands firmly on the side of Ukraine at a difficult moment when Kiev must again confront a fierce war that “never” should have been repeated in Europe.”

    Pity you didn’t have the same attitude 9 years ago. Maybe none of this would have happened if you and the fat cow, showed more spine. BTW, it’s Kyiv, not Kiev.

  2. Despite being in Warsaw’s outer suburbs and despite having broadcast calls for the uprising to begin and promising to link up with and assist the Poles, the Soviet army stopped, sitting across the Vistula river.Knowing that he had no intention of assisting in the liberation of Warsaw. Stalin nonetheless baited the Poles into a battle that resulted in the annihilation of their capital and the deaths of hundreds of thousands of their people. He did this to achieve a political objective: the delegitimization and destruction of the pro-Western government of Poland.By fighting, they gave themselves a chance to control their future. Their heroism should not be forgotten. Nor should Stalin’s treachery.

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