Ukraine Not Sharing Counteroffensive Plans With the United States Due to Doubts About the Ability of the U.S. to keep secrets.*

 April 14, 2023

Ukraine did not share plans for a future counteroffensive with the United States because of doubts about Washington’s ability to keep secrets. Therefore, the “leaking” of secret Pentagon documents is unlikely to harm the Ukrainian military on the battlefield.

The Associated Press writes about it .

Ukrainian and American officials stressed this week that only Ukraine knows some of the battle plans and other operational information. And so the leak of secret military documents, including an assessment of Ukraine’s strengths and weaknesses on the battlefield against the Russian Federation, may not be enough to change the course of the war at the moment.

“If military operations are planned, then a very narrow circle of people knows about the planning of the special operation,” said Deputy Minister of Defense Hanna Malyar. 

At the same time, the publication claims that more harmful material can still “surface”. “Leaked” documents continue to appear online, and future revelations may be more damaging to Ukraine than those already made public.

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin told reporters that “secrecy in one vitally important area – Ukraine’s plans for any future actions to repel Russian forces – remains intact.”

At the same time, the Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Oleksiy Reznikov, said that the disclosed details were “unpleasant to hear.”

“There is a lot of information that does not correspond to reality. And the true information has already lost its relevance”, – noted the head of the MOU and called the information leak a purposeful information operation in favor of Russia with the aim of “lowering the level of trust between allies”.

Former high-ranking CIA employee John Sifer believes that although the leak of classified information is “despicable”, it does not harm Ukraine’s military efforts. According to him, the most protected and sensitive secrets of the intelligence community are usually not contained in such documents of the Ministry of Defense.

*Original title for this article:

“Ukraine did not notify the US of offensive plans – AP”

“The publication AR writes that Ukraine did not share plans for a future counteroffensive with the United States due to doubts about the ability of the United States to keep secrets.”


  1. It looks like Ukraine knows about our sorry-assed record of leaked secrets and is acting accordingly.
    We really must get some people fired and/or into prison for the lack of discipline about the handling of classified information. We have well over a million people with top secret clearance. This should be urgently reviewed. We also have a need-to-know protocol, which is obviously over bloated and dysfunctional. This is urgent!

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