Tanks are over: Shoigu canceled “tank biathlon” in Russia – media

Yuri Kobzar16:07, 18.04.23

At this point, Russia has lost from 2 to 3.6 thousand tanks in the battles against the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Against the background of the colossal losses of military equipment in Ukraine, the Russian Ministry of Defense decided to cancel the so-called “tank biathlon” this year. This was reported by anonymous sources from the ministry to the Russian edition of TASS .

It is reported that the “International Army Games”, better known as “tank biathlon”, will now be held every two years, and not annually, as it was before. They decided to skip the current year, and the next games will be held in 2024.

This decision was made a few weeks ago, but it has not yet been officially announced. The reasons for this decision are not named at all.

Russian losses in military equipment

According to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the total losses of the Russian army during the full-scale invasion of Ukraine to date have already amounted to more than 3,600 tanks , more than 7,000 combat armored vehicles, and more than 2,800 artillery systems.

The independent monitoring project Oryx gives much more modest numbers of Russian losses – more than 10 thousand units of military equipment, of which there are slightly less than two thousand tanks. However, it should be borne in mind that Oryx only takes into account losses that were documented in a photo or video. And only on condition that the technique captured in the photo or video can be verified as a new loss.

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  1. Next years event will commemorate WW2, the tank biathlon will be held using our only available tanks, T34s.

  2. That’s funny! After the cancellation of the ruskie’s holy May Day parades, Vlad’s brilliant regime has to cancel the tank biathlon. Any other events that must be cancelled this year?

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