Russian State TV Discusses Plan to Rule the World After Winning Nuclear War

Russian state TV guests discussed a plan for world domination after nuclear war with the West during a debate on current global tensions due to the Ukraine war.

State TV host Vladimir Solovyov has repeatedly called for further escalation of the Ukraine war and aggression against the West as the conflict rages on.

In recent months, the Russian military has struggled to make headway in its invasion of Ukraine and has tried to capture the Donbas city of Bakhmut ahead of an anticipated counterattack by Kyiv.

If Ukrainian forces break through they could reach Russian-occupied Crimea, which one Putin ally warned could lead to the use of nuclear weapons.

During a broadcast Solovyov argued it is the West that is preparing for a global nuclear war and insisted Russia should behave more aggressively.

Solovyov regularly calls for a more aggressive approach, bemoaning the West’s support of Ukraine in its conflict against Russia.

In a video, uploaded to the Russian Media Monitor YouTube account on Monday, the dean of Moscow State University’s School of Television, Vitaly Tretyakov, questioned what would happen after a nuclear war.

He said: “Of course we will win, this isn’t even up for discussion. What happens after our victory?

“Let’s say, we won in a nuclear war, a fast and limited one, we got them all, pew-pew.

After that, we have to rule the world. The victor has to rule the world.

“Do we have a platform, a plan of ruling the world? I don’t know, I haven’t heard about it.”

Solovyov joked that the plan on how to rule the world was written on a napkin and would be drawn up while individuals sat in a restaurant.

Tretyakov continued: “When Putin said that the next 10 years would be hard of course this doesn’t pertain only to war on the territory of the former Ukraine, which should be simply liquidated as a nation.

“The same way Hitler’s Nazi nation was liquidated, it was simply liquidated. Then it can be decided what to do with the lands and the people who used to serve this nation, but that is a separate topic.”

Solovyov added that Russia should now focus on training new European leaders that favor Russia.

He said Russia had not yet lost Africa or Latin America because they had people on these continents dealing with this now.


  1. russian insanity goes up to a new level. I guess nobody told this nazi, that the West have nukes, and they are maintained. Judging by the russian junk in Ukraine, I have my doubts about any russian nukes reaching their target.

    • When the Moskali speak about ruling the world what they really mean is destroying and enslaving the world. What do they have to rule with? We saw their version of world domination during Soviet times when the Great Russians (Muskovites) stole everything from the satellite nations that did all the work.
      The good news is that Ukraine has exposed the Moskali for being the one trick pony they are. All they have now is nukes to threaten people with.

  2. Lavrov’s belief in the existence of Jewish Nazis is as sick, evil and depraved as the creature himself.
    Yet the evil motherfucker has been proved right; at least in one respect: Solovyov is a Jew by birth. He’s obsessed with inflicting genocide and slavery on his enemies. He’s unlikely to be an observant Jew, but it is absolutely essential that he and his family are publicly disowned and excommunicated by the World Jewish Congress. You can’t have Jewish Nazis mincing around in a TV studio calling for genocide, as he does.
    Like putler, Solovyov is a nazi who accuses the victims of his naziism of what he himself is. Josef Goebbells and Vladimir Lenin deployed the same techniques.
    Solovyov and the other nazi cocksuckers on his show have been calling for Ukrainian cities to be bombed since at least 2015, so a creature like this calling for a holocaust needs close attention. Because previously those same creatures eventually got their wish.

  3. The Soviet Union was a sane and level-headed entity, compared to Putler’s mafia land, where insanity is the norm.

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