Germany has already transferred the Patriot air defense system to Ukraine

Germany has already transferred the Patriot anti-aircraft missile system and missiles to Ukraine.

This is evidenced by changes in the list of aid to Ukraine on the website of the German Ministry of Defense,  Promyslovy Portal reports .

Another 16 Zetros trucks manufactured by Daimler AG were also handed over. They are used to work in extreme off-road conditions. The truck has a layout that provides quick access to the engine for repairs and better vehicle stability. Earlier, 60 such machines were handed over.

Transportation of M113 armored personnel carriers of the Lithuanian Armed Forces for Ukraine on a Zetros truck. Photo: Ministry of Defense of Lithuania

The package also mentions the transfer of two additional cars for border protection (144 cars for the entire time).

Germany announced the supply of Patriot air defense batteries to Ukraine after a similar decision was made in the United States. Two more launchers will also arrive from the Netherlands.

MIM-104 Patriot is an American anti-aircraft missile system manufactured by a group of American companies led by Raytheon. The complex was created as a universal means of air defense at medium and high altitudes to provide anti-missile defense at the level of the US Army.

Patriot air defense system. Photo from open sources

The Patriot air defense system is capable of hitting aerial targets at an altitude of up to 24.2 km, and its range depends on the type of missile and ranges from 50 to 160 km. The probability of hitting an air target with the Patriot PAC-3 complex is 80-90%, and a tactical ballistic missile is 60-80% with one missile, provided there are no obstacles. The maximum speed of the target that can be effectively intercepted by the air defense system is 1600 m/c.


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