Ex-people’s deputy Oleg Barna died at the front

Yuri Kobzar20:51, 18.04.23

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From the first days of the Russian invasion, he volunteered for the front.

Oleg Barna, a former people’s deputy of Ukraine, died at the front . This was announced by the speaker of the Defense Forces of the Tauride direction Alexei Dmitrashkovsky .

“Yesterday, Oleg Barna was killed during the hostilities. It so happened that we had the opportunity to talk last week,” he said.

The circumstances and place of death of the ex-people’s deputy are not specified. Today Oleg Barne was supposed to turn 56 years old.

Who is Oleg Barna

Barna was an active participant in the Revolution of Dignity, he was seriously injured during the confrontation on February 18, 2014 in the Mariinsky Park. After the start of the war in Donbass, he volunteered for the ATO. Was injured.

Oleg Barna entered the Verkhovna Rada as a candidate of the Petro Poroshenko Bloc in a single-mandate constituency in the Ternopil region in 2014. He was one of the main brawlers of the previous parliament.

For example, he said from the rostrum of the Rada that Putin is shit. Also in 2015, he managed to arrange a scuffle with the then Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk right in the parliamentary hall.

From the first day of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation, Barna signed up as a volunteer for the front.

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  1. Updated at 21.30 . Petro Poroshenko reacted to the death of a colleague in the previous composition of the Rada.

    “Uncompromising, sincere, direct and always ready to fight to the end. That’s how I remember Oleg Barna. A Ukrainian with a capital letter, who died in this terrible war, and just today he was supposed to celebrate his birthday. It’s hard. It’s very hard to lose loved ones, brothers… Rest in peace friend,” the ex-president wrote.

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