Zelensky reacted to the recognition of the “Wagnerites” about the atrocities in Bakhmut and Soledar

Ekaterina Prisyazhnyuk16:26, 04/17/23

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There should be punishment for crimes, the head of the OP stressed.

Russian invaders steal Ukrainian children and kill them, the world should see the face of the Russian Federation, not be afraid, but beat them hard.

The invaders confessed to killing Ukrainian children in Donbas, and they should be fairly and severely punished, Andriy Yermak, head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, wrote on Telegram.

“Russian terrorists confessed to killing Ukrainian children in Bakhmut and Soledar. Now we are talking about war criminals from Wagner PMC, but this sheds light on the crimes of the Russian army in Ukraine. They steal our children and kill. How many more such crimes? A nation of non-humans and killers, the biological garbage of this world. One confession is not enough. There must be a punishment. Tough and fair,” he said.

Yermak stressed that the criminals will be punished. “We will find out all the facts of the crimes and find everyone who committed them. The Russians abducted thousands of Ukrainian children. How many of them survived is still unknown. We are doing everything to return our children. The world should see the face of Russia, not be afraid, but beat hard “, – stressed the head of the OP.

The war between Russia and Ukraine – today it is worth knowing

Former convicted Russian Azamat Uldarov, who served in the Wagner PMC, admitted that the mercenaries were ordered to kill everyone during the invasion of Soledar and Bakhmut. According to him, pensioners, pensioners, men, women and children were killed. “Wagnerian” admitted that he made a control shot at a child who was five or six years old . Uldarov also said that up to 400 Ukrainians were killed in the basement of a nine-story building in Bakhmut just a month ago .

In addition, one of the prisoners from Wagner, Alexei Savichev, confessed to the mass murder of minors in Bakhmut – he brutally executed 10 teenagers .

Recall, on January 25, it became known that the Armed Forces of Ukraine left Soledar and entrenched themselves on the lines that had been prepared earlier . For Bakhmut, fighting has been going on for more than one month.

Help UNIAN. The National Information Bureau reported that as of the end of March, 19,514 Ukrainian children had been deported to Russia.  

On March 17, the International Criminal Court of The Hague  issued arrest warrants for Russian dictator Vladimir Putin  and Russian children’s rights ombudsman Maria Lvova-Belova. They are suspected of being personally guilty of the illegal export of Ukrainian children.

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