“We are creatures”: ex-“Wagnerian” revealed the truth about the war, from which “hair on end” (video)

Katerina Schwartz16:32, 04/17/23

The mercenary burst into tears at the video.

In Russia , by order of the Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin, dozens of empty coffins of Russians who died in the war in Ukraine are buried in the fields, whose remains could not be identified. Their relatives are not informed about this.

“We bury where they give us places … Putin’s order. We clean after Putin. Wagner PMCs are illegal killers. Mercenaries. We are creatures, we are animals.” in a conversation with the founder of the Russian human rights organization Gulagu.net .

Confessing this, the mercenary burst into tears:

“We just buried empty coffins… We have to do it. They died, that’s all, and we couldn’t identify the corpses, where whose remains lie… I’m already shaking… F*** to live? F*** I was born at all? with the boys!”

Uldarov said that he did not understand why they were fighting:

“We kill each other, but for what – I don’t understand. I just can’t understand … Honestly, I want to cry. But I won’t, I’m already tired, I’m crying for the second day … If I tell you the truth now, what’s going on there, your hair will stand on end.”

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  1. Bohdan Honcharuk on LinkedIn:

    “Uldarov said that he “cleared” the basement with 300-400 civilians, in particular 40 of them were children. According to him, it was a 9-floor building. The occupier adds that “he had no choice” and that he had an order to clear out everyone.

    Uldarov’s direct speech: “I executed the order with this hand, I killed the children. You understand, by order. The fact that we… we were given the command to wipe out and destroy everyone . We went killed everyone – women, men, pensioners and children, in particular small – five-year-olds”.

    According to the russians, a command came from Prigozhin to clean up Bakhmut. Don’t spare anyone – old people, children. “Cleanse them all”. In Soledar it was even worse.

    Savychev’s direct speech: “Peaceful residents were coming out. And there was an order: everyone who was 15 (years old) and older – to shoot them all at once without words. 20-24 people were shot, 10 of them were 15-year-old and 17-year-old teenagers “.

    When asked how many unarmed civilians they killed in February 2023, Savychev replied that 15-year-old Ukrainians “are difficult to call civilians.”

  2. This is not a regular war, this is genuine genocide. Jerks like Tucker Carlson, Trump, Tulsi Gabbard, Alex Jones, John Mearsheimer, Marjorie Taylor Greene, J.D. Vance, Steve Bannon, Matt Gaetz, Paul Gosar, Laura Ingraham, Mike Flynn and all the other shit eaters who support mafia land or Vlad the Impaler should be sent to the front lines, without flak vests and helmets. They should be forced to stay there until they go raving mad or become dog food.

    • The putinazis are the most evil, scum-sucking abominations ever to breathe oxygen. Those in the west who seek to help them are actually even worse. I loathe, detest and despise them all. They feed metaphorically on Ukrainian children’s blood.
      Nazi quislings deserve the death penalty; as they did in WW2.

      • What makes it all worse is the fact that we had a very similar situation before, during WWII, so, despite having a precedence case, we still have shit for brains morons who opt to side with utter evil.

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