Free Vladimir Kara-Murza! Stop Russia’s descent into Stalinism!

Bill Browder speaks about his friend :


  1. The depraved RuZZian nazi military machine must be completely extirpated. If that happens, there is a chance; at the moment a tiny fraction of 1%, that some form of democracy might be possible in RuZZia.
    The man to drag RuZZia out of hell is currently sitting in putler’s gulag.
    Mr Kara-Murza has lost 17 kg. He was already a slender guy, so he is being slowly murdered yet again by the tiny fiend.

  2. Pentagon papers shows 30 april is the day of the counter offensive. State secrets are public knowledge…

    • Ukraine never told the US when and where the offensive will happen, Veth. The Ukrainians didn’t think that we could keep this secret!!!

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