Cyprus began to massively close bank accounts of Russians

Yuri Kobzar20:18, 17.04.23

Russia’s main offshore is no longer happy with Russians.

The largest bank in Cyprus ” Bank of Cyprus ” announced the massive closure of accounts opened by Russian citizens. According to BFM , customers from Russia began to receive relevant notifications en masse.

“Accounts are closed for tax residents of Russia, those who have income from the sanctions business in the Russian Federation, as well as holders of a type F residence permit, that is, those who received it in connection with the purchase of real estate in the country. In addition, notifications about the closure of accounts come to Russians who are in Cyprus on a tourist visa,” the newspaper writes.

It is noted that all of the above categories of accounts will be closed in two months.

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  1. Should have happened ages ago, there are so many katsup in Limassol it is called ‘Little russia’ by the locals.
    Go to the annual Wine Festival and the drunken scum are there being total cunts.

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