“We want to go home: Russian “mobiles” in the Luhansk region whined because of the lawlessness of commanders

Anastasia Gorbacheva18:04, 04/16/23

The invaders complained that their documents were taken away from them and abandoned.

Russian “mobiles” complained about their commanders, who threw them into a field in the Lugansk region. Their documents were taken away from them, and most of the “cannon fodder” is not at all combat-ready.

“We were told that they would return the military tickets within a day, when they put a new seal, and we will go further towards the Crimea. Five days have passed since then, we still have no documents. Answers from representatives of the Ministry of Defense, battalion commanders, company commanders, there are no officers either. There is no information where we are either. The only thing we know is that we are in the Lugansk region,” a man in military uniform and wearing a mask protested.

The invaders complained that they were not supported by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, but were supported and fed by the local population. At the same time, part of the mobilized is not able to fight due to disability or injury. The Russians also said that they were deprived of security, payments and even vacations.

“Understand, some have been here for seven or eight months already. During this time, no one was released on leave, but we want to go home, we want to see the children, hug our wife … Who is in charge of all this? These people should be held accountable,” complained the occupier.

https://www.unian.net/player/E2DLQMmaRussian “mobiles” complained about the lawlessness of commanders

Mobilization in Russia – latest news

Since the fall of 2022, the Russian Federation has continued covert mobilization. In addition, the aggressor country announced the call for more than 400 thousand people for contract service.

Already in the spring , summonses began to be sent out in at least 35 regions of Russia  . Also, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin signed a law providing for the introduction of electronic subpoenas and the creation of a register of those liable for military service.

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