Russia must pay to rebuild Ukraine after war – US Treasury Secretary

Anastasia Pechenyuk19:59, 16.04.23

Washington is looking for ways to attract frozen Russian assets.

The United States believes that the Russian Federation, which is waging a war of conquest against our country, must pay for the restoration of damaged infrastructure.

Washington is discussing with allies how to circumvent legal restrictions on the use of Russia’s frozen assets for this purpose, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen  told CNN .

“The global community, I think, expects Russia to take on this responsibility. This is something we are discussing with our partners, but there are legal restrictions on what we can do with frozen Russian assets,” she said.

Use of the frozen assets of the Russian Federation for the restoration of Ukraine

US Deputy Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland said that Washington is considering using the frozen assets of the Russian Federation to finance the restoration of infrastructure destroyed during the full-scale war in Ukraine. In particular, we are talking about attracting the blocked 300 billion dollars of the Central Bank of Russia.

The European Union is also exploring legal options for using the bloc’s frozen foreign exchange reserves. In particular, they are considering the option of investing these assets and channeling profits from them to finance the restoration of Ukraine . As reported by Politico, the European Commission expects a return of 2.6%.

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  1. These type of people are always comfortable taking about reconstruction, but inevitably are silent concerning the matter in hand; the urgent necessity to defeat putlerstan this year.
    Once that has been achieved, reconstruction will be almost ready to begin in earnest. But even then, not before the most comprehensive, state of the art air defence system has been embedded throughout Ukraine, along with an enormous arsenal of long range ballistic missiles and a nuclear deterrent.
    That is the only way to guarantee peace.

  2. The West has frozen around 330 billion mafia dollars, which includes those from oligarchs. This is only about half of what it takes to rebuild Ukraine. Just confiscate this 330 billion, dammit, and count it as a good start. Mafia land must foot the complete bill, and so ways should be found to force them to do so. I hope that the West has the will to get this accomplished. I know, it’s a small hope, but it’s there.

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