Putinazi lover Peter Hitchens is again blatantly using the huge circulation Mail to promote kremlin interests.



  1. Why does the Mail allow Hitchens to use its site as a platform for his putrid Kremlin propaganda? He traveled to Crimea back in 2010 to set out the case for a Russian invasion. Four years later it happened. He has shilled for the kremlin murder gang ever since. When it comes to Russia, Hitchens is no different from JeremIRA CorbLenin.
    Whenever a Hitchens article appears, kremtrolls are ordered to swarm over it like flies on shit.
    In 2013, Hitchens put out a video entitled : “Why I like Vladimir Putin.”
    This bloodthirsty ghoul needs to be shut down.

    • I think it just makes sites such as Ukraine Today that vitally and critically important to keep pressing on and providing the truth as best we can

    • I don’t get it either, Scradge. There seems to be no more morals in this sick world.

    • Even the images in the article have no bearing on reality. There are no women in the SAS, but this poor excuse for a media outlet decides to manipulate the audience even further by showing a female soldier.

      • Some halfwit on the subs team no doubt. The Mail allows excellent writers like Ed Lucas, Dominic Lawson, Ian Birrell etc to post fair and compassionate articles about Ukraine, but somewhere in its festering bowels is some creep who thinks that a nazi-loving slug like Hitchens (and his filthy army of kremtrolls) are welcome in that execrable publication.

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