Parades on May 9 in Russia are canceled: Feigin named the main reason

Katerina Schwartz20:05, 16.04.23

Putin fears for his life, the human rights activist said.

Parades on May 9 are massively canceled in Russia . First of all, this may be due to the fear of the Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin for his own life, and not for the life and safety of others.

This opinion was expressed by Russian human rights activist and opposition figure Mark Feigin, noting that the lack of equipment is not the only reason for the cancellation of the parades, Channel 24 reports .

According to the expert, an interesting question remains whether Vladimir Putin will perform like last year on Red Square.

“The question is whether he will receive any guarantees for this. I cannot answer this in advance, whether he will decide to perform in the open at a certain time on Red Square, on the podium, where a hundred drones can fly,” he added.

Feigin suggested that Putin could speak online on screens where he would speak from the bunker.

Parades on May 9 are canceled in Russia – as reported

Recall that in Russia in Kursk and Belgorod they decided not to hold a traditional parade on May 9 , allegedly fearing for the safety of participants and spectators. The corresponding decisions were taken by the governors of these regions.

According to an instructor pilot, colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in reserve, military expert Roman Svitan, the Russians are in for a “big surprise” on May 9 . He suggested that not only Ukrainian drones could get to Red Square in Moscow.

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  1. I’ve no doubt that Lithuanian, Moldavian, and maybe even Albanian drone operators would love to fly their airborne bombs down on putin’s head. So he’s got no choice but to embarrass himself from a bunker and look even more like hitler’s last days. Hahaha 🤣😂

    One thing is certain, he can’t avoid the grave forever, and the more putin behaves as a brutish monster, the more enemies he’ll have. The “hunter” becomes the hunted.

  2. The victory parades in mafia land have been the highlight of public life ever since the end of WWII, which were always celebrated with military parades. These parades were conducted without a break.
    Then, along came Vlad… the greatest strategist since Antonio López de Santa Anna.

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