Five countries have formed an alliance to isolate Russia in the nuclear energy market

Anastasia Pechenyuk21:31, 04/16/23

Countries are seeking to undermine Russia’s control over nuclear fuel supply chains.

Britain, the US, Canada, Japan and France have announced an alliance in Sapporo, Japan to pull Vladimir Putin-led Russia out of the international nuclear energy market.

Under the agreement, the five countries will use their own nuclear energy resources to “undermine Russia’s control over supply chains,” the joint statement said.

This deal will reportedly be used as a basis to force Putin out of the nuclear fuel market entirely, and do so as soon as possible to cut off another way for him to finance a barbaric attack on Ukraine and effectively isolate Russia. 

Countries will also maintain a stable supply of fuel for current needs and ensure the safe and secure development and deployment of fuel for advanced reactors in the future.

“Connecting with other countries is the next vital step to show Putin that Russia is no longer desirable and to strengthen our global energy security by using reliable international supplies of nuclear fuel from safe, secure sources,” commented the British Minister for Energy Security Grant Shapps.

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