“Ukrainians are enemies”: husband Simonyan accidentally destroyed the main myth of Rospropaganda (video)

Marta Gichko10:04, 15.04.23

He said that the phrase “fraternal people” in relation to Ukrainians should be “tied up.” He supposedly confuses people.

The man of the top propagandist of the Russian Federation Margarita Simonyan, Tigran Keosayan, suddenly announced that Russians no longer need to call Ukrainians “fraternal people.” According to him, this phrase “confuses people.”

“I believe that now it is harmful to operate with such phrases as “fraternal people” in relation to Ukrainians. It confuses people who are on the front line. Right now they (Ukrainians – UNIAN) are enemies. They may become brothers again after how we will win and treat them,” Keosayan said.

Simonyan’s husband was very indignant that Ukraine “decided to cover itself from Moscow to Washington” and added that “the war is very cruel.” 

“We are fighting the universal evil on the fields of our Ukraine. Ukraine is us. For many centuries Ukraine has been us. give them brains,” the disgraced propagandist said.

With a few phrases, Keosayan destroyed the main narrative of the Russian propaganda machine about the “fraternal people of Ukraine.”

https://www.unian.net/player/Wtp7DGDuHusband Simonyan unexpectedly destroyed one of the top myths of Rospropaganda

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  1. The ruskies are pond scum of humanity, the lowest creatures on the planet. The Ukrainians do not consider themselves being fraternal people with such disgusting filth.

  2. They’d do anything to galvanize russian fighting spirit. Even to make suggestions about how Ukraine would invade as ferociously as they have, and that Zelensky would seize moscow if he could. Ridiculous!

    I’m certain that Ukrainians and russians alike could still recognize each other’s common heritage after the war, but the arrogance of russia stains that with its two-faced stupidity.

    • Moskovia has been trying to steal Ukraine’s identity and culture for more than 500 years, you’d think they would have figured it out by now it will never work. They were nothing 500 years ago and despite their periods of strength it only produced slavery which failed them in 1991. That was the end of their claims.

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