The Armed Forces of Ukraine at the front have a new problem: the expert called the solution

Yuri Kobzar14:47, 15.04.23

While the West is giving Ukraine a teaspoon of weapons a day, Russia has set up a mass production of primitive but formidable weapons.

Ukraine urgently needs long-range air defense systems – more than 100 kilometers. At the front, there is a big problem with Russian planning bombs, military expert Alexander Kovalenko said .

“Ukraine’s Western partners should realize the extreme nature of the situation. Russians planning aerial bombs is a problem that should be addressed as quickly as possible!” he thinks.

According to Kovalenko, the Russians have put on stream the handicraft production of removable control and correction modules for free-falling bombs. Thanks to these devices, ordinary bombs are turned into a cheap substitute for cruise missiles. Dropped from an aircraft, such an air bomb does not immediately fall down, but glides tens of kilometers to the specified point.

“These modules are unreliable and sometimes fly off during a bomb drop, but Russia has a lot of old Soviet bombs. Even the unreliability of the modules is compensated by the mass nature of the material,” the expert warns.

He noted that it is difficult for air defense systems to deal with planning bombs – it is easier to shoot down the planes themselves. But for this, long-range air defense systems are needed, because the Russians planning air bombs are dropped tens of kilometers from the front – in the depths of the territory they control, where Ukrainian air defense is lacking.

“Ukraine needs not just Patriot and SAMP / T air defense systems, but missiles for them in a modification with a range of 100+ km. It is Western-style aviation with air-to-air missiles with a range of 100+ km that can solve this problem that is growing like a snowball,” Kovalenko believes. 

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  1. Big explosion destroyed the tank training range in kazan this afternoon. I can not drink my whisky quietly these days.

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