Parade canceled in Moscow: only May Day so far

Yuri Kobzar14:09, 15.04.23

Trade unions decided not to organize traditional marches, fearing terrorists.

Traditional street processions on May 1 have been canceled in Moscow . This was stated by the representative of the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia Alexander Shershukov in a comment to TASS .

“There will be no marches and rallies in the capital, but a solemn meeting is planned, in which trade union activists, trade union leaders will participate, and some representatives of social partners will be invited,” he said.

Shershukov noted that “now the level of terrorist danger is higher,” therefore, even in regions remote from the front line, May Day should be held “in slightly different forms” than traditional street processions.

Cancellation of parades in Russia

This week it became known that in Kursk and Belgorod, bordering Ukraine, local authorities decided to abandon the military parade on May 9, which has been mandatory in recent years . The reason given is security considerations – they don’t want to “provoke” the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Meanwhile, there are no plans to cancel the parade on May 9 in the capital . In any case, this is stated by the speaker of the Kremlin Dmitry Peskov, known for his irrepressible passion to lie for how much in vain.

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  1. Now that is just plane embarassing.
    They have sunk pretty low from a 3 day war to 414 days later canceling Putin’s big “isn’t wonderful to me” festival.

  2. “Trade unions decided not to organize traditional marches, fearing terrorists.”

    In mafia land, it is called terrorism when a nation defends itself against being killed, murdered, raped and destroyed.

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