In Russia, a “homeless person” rummaged through the trash and said that he still loves Putin (video)

Veronika Prokhorenko22:55, 15.04.23

A citizen of the Russian Federation gave a short interview-comment, which became “viral” on the network.

In the Russian Federation, his sympathy for the dictator Vladimir Putin struck a local “homeless”. After the raid on the garbage can, he said that he really likes the President of the Russian Federation.

A video with a short comment-interview began to spread through telegram channels. In the frame, the Russian responds positively to a counter question about whether he will vote for Putin in the next presidential election.

“I really like him…he raised his pension a little,” he says.

The citizen of the Russian Federation “fixed” the corresponding argumentation with his revision of the trash can. There he found a bottle of water, and even took a sip from it. Russia, a homeless man rummaged through the trash and said he still loves Putin

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  1. Trump may have f*cked Ukrainians and the Kurds in the arrse over and over again,
    I still love him as he is the REAL president!

  2. This is nothing unusual. I’ve said it many times before; the ruskies enjoy being slaves to those who cause their misery. When you do an autopsy on them, you will find shit where brains are supposed to be.

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