“Epicentr” is investing in the construction of a state-of-the-art shopping center in Bucha

A modern two-story shopping and entertainment center with a retail area of ​​over 60,000 square meters will be built in Bucha. m, which has no analogues in the “Epicenter” network.

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Its total area will be about 100,000 square meters. m, which is more than 5 times more than the destroyed shopping center. In this way, the facility will become not only the largest shopping facility in the city, but also one of the largest shopping malls in the entire Kyiv region.

Epicenter decided to present the project on February 24 to show Ukrainians that despite the war, the company does not plan to stop development and is ready to make significant investments in rebuilding the economy. A billboard with the project of the new Epicenter appeared in Bucha on the site of the destroyed shopping center. 

Commenting on the reconstruction decision, Epicenter General Director Petro Mykhailyshyn noted that the company’s investments will speed up the recovery of regions affected by hostilities. 

“The founders and management of the Epicenter network have no doubts about the victory and future revival of the country. We are convinced that the construction of the modern Epicenter in Buch is a landmark project. Bucha became a symbol of the pain and suffering of the Ukrainian people, its revival is the beginning of a new history. We understand that this is more of a social than a commercial project. But it will give an impetus to the reconstruction of the region and, we hope, will restore hope and confidence to the people who live here,” Petro Mykhailyshyn emphasized. 

Construction preparation and concept

The company is already preparing for the construction of a new shopping center: it has completed the dismantling of the structures of the destroyed object and entered the final stage of the development of the architectural project.

In addition to the departments related to the construction and arrangement of houses, this project will implement all the most modern trade concepts of the company. Including Food Market grocery store, 100+ Pharmacy, Mon Cheri cosmetic and perfume boutique, Garden Center, Epic children’s store, Intersport and others. At the same time, the shopping center in Buch will be implemented in a new concept for the company, when part of the retail space will be leased to well-known Ukrainian and international operators of retail trade, entertainment and public catering. 

“The new shopping center should be a symbol of the reconstruction of Buchi. The project will be implemented in a completely new architectural concept for the company. We have engaged first-class design specialists, and this facility will become one of the first Epicenters of a new generation. Modern style, plenty of light inside and green recreation areas will fit the building into the modern city.

Thanks to wide stained-glass facades, a spacious gallery and active entrance groups, Epicenter in Buch will look like a modern European shopping and entertainment center,” commented Viktoriya Zelenska, director of exclusive concepts and development at Epicenter.

Safety and energy efficiency

Great attention will also be paid to the safety of staff and visitors in the new facility. In particular, in addition to the above-ground parking lot, an underground parking lot will be implemented in the shopping center, where you can find shelter during air raids. 

Regarding the implementation of energy efficiency solutions, the building is immediately designed with the use of alternative energy sources and recovery systems. 

Near the shopping center, it is planned to arrange a pedestrian recreation area with green spaces and an alley of red viburnum, which will symbolize the strength and indomitability of the Ukrainian people. 



  1. I visited the old Epicenter on a regular basis, it was one of the first buildings looted, then destroyed by the scum.

    • We also visited the destroyed Epicenter many times on our way to the dacha. In my last visit there in September, I saw numerous scars from shelling across the parking lot.

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