Canada launches three simulators to train Ukrainian Leopard 2 crews

15 APRIL 2023

In addition to the eight Leopard 2 tanks transferred, Canada is also deploying three firepower simulators to train Ukrainian tank crews, which will work with them. 

Source: announcement by Defence Minister Anita Anand, reports European Pravda

“In addition to the eight Leopard 2 tanks that we’ve delivered to Poland, Canada has deployed three Leopard gunnery simulators to help train Ukrainian tank crews on the operation and tactics of these tanks. Our support for Ukraine is comprehensive – and it will continue.” 

Before that, on 14 April, she announced that all the Leopards promised by Canada for Ukraine were already in Poland

Earlier, it was reported that Spain plans to send six Leopard 2A4s to Ukraine in the coming days, delivery will be completed by the end of April, and the Leopard 2 tanks promised by Germany arrived in Ukraine on 27 March.

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