A new road bridge over the Rybnytsia River was built in Kosiv region

In the village of Rozhniv, Kosiv district, Ivano-Frankivsk region, a newly constructed bridge across the Rybnytsia River was opened.

The Industrial portal reports .

We are talking about a new bridge crossing on the road R-20 Tyazum – Stari Kuty in the village of Rozhniv of the Kosiv district, which provides a connection between the mountainous and lowland parts of Prykarpattia.

Motorists point out that this is a new modern bridge, built according to all bridge construction standards, it is resistant to frequent floods on the Rybnytsia River.

The old bridge was last overhauled in 1996-97, when the subsidence of the supports was eliminated. It was destroyed during the 2008 flood. At the same time, a temporary crossing over the Rybnytsia River was arranged.

After the design and estimate documentation of the object was produced, the construction of the new bridge was started. By 2010, coastal supports were erected, but due to funding limitations, work was suspended.

In 2020, after adjusting the project, which passed the appropriate examination, road workers received permits to continue the construction of the bridge.

The new 109-meter-long reinforced concrete bridge has two traffic lanes, the width of the carriageway is 8 meters, and two meter-long sidewalks.

Since the resumption of work, the builders have assembled the span structure of the bridge, reinforced and concreted the monolithic reinforced concrete slab, asphalted the roadway and approaches to the bridge, as well as sidewalks, installed manholes, arranged curbs, and improved the underbridge channel.

Currently, the State Inspection of Architecture and Urban Planning of Ukraine is preparing documents for putting the bridge into operation.


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