Tucker Totally Ignores Fox News Fact Check on Ukraine War

“As we speak, American soldiers are fighting Russian soldiers,” Carlson claimed—despite the fact that his own network had debunked the claim just hours earlier.

Apr. 14, 2023

Tucker Carlson’s claim Thursday that the U.S. “is a direct combatant” against Russia in Ukraine and that “American soldiers are fighting Russian soldiers” is at odds with what National Security Council member John Kirby told Fox News just hours prior.

His assertion also contradicts what former and current U.S. officials told ABC News earlier this week following the leak of classified documents about the war.

“The United States is a direct combatant in a war against Russia. As we speak, American soldiers are fighting Russian soldiers,” Carlson claimed. “This is a hot war between the two primary nuclear superpowers on Earth, and yet this war has never been formally declared. It has not been authorized by Congress. And for that reason, this war is a violation of American law. It is a crime.”

Tucker defended Teixera in no uncertain terms Thursday during his broadcast, repeatedly referring to the 21-year-old as a “kid” and suggesting that he should be celebrated as a whistleblower.

The Fox host’s comment came after the arrest of the alleged source of the leak, 21-year-old Jack Teixeira, a member of the Massachusetts Air National Guard. Teixeira is accused of the “unauthorized removal, retention and transmission of classified national defense information,” and could be charged under the Espionage Act, Attorney General Merrick Garland suggested Thursday. Members of a Discord channel on which Teixeira allegedly shared the documents told The Washington Post that among them was a screenshot of battlefield conditions in Ukraine.

Despite Carlson’s assertions that the U.S. and Russia are engaging directly, Kirby confirmed to the Fox host’s own network that the American military presence in Ukraine is limited to the U.S. Embassy in Kiev—and is not involved in providing combat support, Fox News reporter Jacqui Heinrich tweeted.

Additionally, ABC News on Wednesday cited a current and a former U.S. official who pushed back against claims that echoed Carlson’s. That report also noted that the Pentagon had acknowledged the presence of U.S. military personnel at the embassy as early as last fall.

“We’ve been very clear there are no combat forces in Ukraine, no U.S. forces conducting combat operations in Ukraine,” Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder told reporters at a Nov. 1 briefing. “These are personnel that are assigned to conduct security cooperation and assistance as part of the Defense Attache Office.”

Carlson later praised Teixeira as someone “who told Americans what’s actually happening in Ukraine,” and complained that “the news media” is “treating him like Osama Bin Laden—maybe even worse, actually, because unlike al Qaeda, apparently, this kid is a racist.”

According to the Post, Texeira was once videoed at a shooting range while shouting “a series of racial and antisemitic slurs into the camera” before firing a rifle.


  1. Tucker has always been a filthy liar. He’s willing to feed any sort of bullshit to his horde of brainless nitwit fans for a dirty mafia buck.

  2. If the US really was at war with the scum, Carlson would now be rotting in a prison cell, as a traitor to the US.

    • He is in the same bubble of idiocy that the Kremlin is and Laura Ingraham is too. They’re both convinced Ukraine is losing. I don’t see how anyone with an ounce of curiosity could believe that. His bubble also has his work email out of commission and of course he’s not involved with social media because he doesn’t have the courage to have his musings challenged.

  3. Since when does Carlson allow the truth to interfere with his narrative. The only truth about Carlson is that he has an overwhelming desire to suck Trump’s dick and all of Trump’s idiotic moronic followers. Look at the piece he did on ORBAN a few years ago. Not sure who was kissing whose ass but there was allot of sucking going on there. He wouldn’t know truth and honor if it slapped him upside his moronic head.

    No cure for stupid

    • A lot of it depends on if you make your own judgements by the facts or if you just believe what the left wing press says. For example, you’re a fine, dedicated and intelligent Knight here on Ukraine Today, did you know that evil Ukraine-hating Trump ordered Mark 6 boats for Ukraine? He approved the building and the foreign sale and Congress approved the legislation. This may help explain and no surprise the media didn’t cover it at all.

      “The US State Department approved a possible Foreign Military Sale (FMS) to the Government of Ukraine of up to 16 Mark VI Patrol Boats and related equipment in June last year (2020) for a estimated cost of US$ 600 million.”


      • “did you know that evil Ukraine-hating Trump ordered Mark 6 boats for Ukraine”

        Actually, it was Ukraine that ordered the boats. But the first 2 *were* paid for out of the $250 million in security aid for Ukraine that Trump asked for in his 2020 budget request to Congress.

        “the media didn’t cover it at all.”

        The media did cover the security aid package; nitty-gritty details on what it paid for might not have been as widely covered.

        Unfortunately, trying to search for “$250 million Ukraine” mostly leads to articles about the 2019 aid that Trump held up to try and coerce President Zelensky into making up dirt about Biden (which led to Trump’s first impeachment). Congress had to force the “evil Ukraine-hating” Trump to release that aid.


        • yes but because of those 2 patrol boats Ukraine did not LOSE the war!

          Trump is a winner and he knew EXACTLY what Ukraine needed.

          Patrol boats and a whole lot of arsegiving.

  4. Fox pays this Nazi-loving weasel $6.5m/year to promote the interests of the RuZZian Fourth Reich.

    • You know Sir Scradgel this ass has a following of 3.5mm trump followers. You have as much chance to change any of their moronic opinions as I have a chance to look like Brad Pitt. Ain’t gonna happen. On Fox from 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm you have these moronic opinion preachers. Although I haven’t listened I hear Hannity is actually becoming normal. Don’t know for sure and honestly I don’t really care. They preach to a group of people I don’t care to be associated with.

      • Indeed, sir Cap, I also wouldn’t want to be associated with any of these unsophisticated boobs. … not even share the same restaurant with them.

  5. I’m not sure that there’s somebody more unbalanced than this bastard in US.
    Every word coming out of his mouth, smell more than a septic tank!

    In Hell, they will must be very inventive with that motherfucker!

    • Sir Anonymous did you see Trump’s Easter tweet. Unbalanced seems too kind but I can’t think of a more appropriate word. How a so called statesman can come out with that filth is just unbelievable. What concerns me more so is no mater what poll you run, this psychopath has a 34% following. I never thought that so America has so many fuckin morons with absolutely no moral compass whatsoever. I just don’t get it. .

  6. People like Tucker and Trump produce traitors like the National Guard fucker who leaked secret documents.

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