The Netherlands revealed a list of all its aid to Ukraine

Evgenia Sokolenko17:10, 14.04.23

It included tanks, ships, anti-aircraft guns, guns, minesweepers and howitzers.

The Dutch government has released a list of military aid to Ukraine, which was transferred after the full-scale invasion of Russia. 

It included equipment and weapons that Ukraine had already received and that were just promised to be handed over to it,  the press service of the Ministry of Defense of the Netherlands reports. In particular, it is about:

  • T-72 tanks – 45 units;
  • YPR armored tracked vehicles – 196 units;
  • Leopard 1 tanks jointly with Denmark and Germany – at least 100 units;
  • self-propelled howitzers PzH 2000 – 8 units and 120-mm mortars;
  • two Patriot SAM launchers with missiles;
  • MR-2 mobile anti-aircraft gun systems – 100 units;
  • air defense missiles and missile systems, such as the Stinger;
  • ships – six units;
  • two minesweepers of the Alkmaar class.

In addition, the Netherlands provided individual weapons, ammunition, various types of drones, night vision devices, pontoon systems and bridges, field hospitals and kitchens, tents, demining equipment, clothing, helmets, body armor, rations, first aid kits and medicine for the military.

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    • The Netherlands has been very generous and understanding in support of Ukraine. I wish we had 30 such nations in our corner, this genocide would have been finished by now but putin’s WWIII continues.

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