The mayor of Mariupol estimated the cost of restoring the city at 15 billion euros

The mayor of Mariupol, Vadym Boychenko, named the sums, which, according to him, are necessary for the “quick restoration” of the destroyed city and its development after its deoccupation.

He said this in an interview with Radio Liberty.

“I will explain. There are two parts . That is, we have been working since September to form a plan for our quick action. That is, communal enterprises, education, medicine must be restored in the city of Mariupol, what must be done for that. We took 12 directions and calculated that we have to do with water supply, electricity supply, heat supply and how much it costs. 14 billion hryvnias (342.8 million euros, – ed.) ,” Boychenko said in an interview with Radio Liberty.

According to him, quick recovery is water, heat, light, public transport.

“And if we talk about the development of the city, that is, the revival of the city, then other money is needed to revive what the Russian army destroyed today in the city of Mariupol – 14.5 billion euros . This is the city of Mariupol,” the mayor added.

Russian troops occupied Mariupol in May 2022 after bloody battles and a long blockade. The city was almost completely destroyed by shelling. According to UN estimates, about 90% of high-rise residential buildings and about 60% of private houses in the city were destroyed or damaged. Джерело:


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