“Nobody”: propagandist Solovyov was hysterical because of Girkin’s words about Putin (video)

Anastasia Gorbacheva 23:37, 04/13/23

The mouthpiece of the Kremlin began to threaten that real “Russian patriots” “will not forget” this.

Russian propagandist Volodymyr Solovyov lashed out at terrorist Igor Girkin-Strelkov because of his unflattering words about dictator Vladimir Putin. The Kremlin spokesman said that the militant insulted the president of the Russian Federation.

In his show, Solovyov began to threaten those who insult the “supreme commander” of the Russian Federation. According to him, real “Russian patriots” “will never forget” this.

“This is a nobody who still can’t figure out who he is Girkin or Strelkov… Who couldn’t find the front line and now through the lip… He behaves worse than the Ukrainian Nazis. A traitor. What a Russian officer you are, if you say such things about the supreme commander. You are a piece of shit, not a Russian officer,” the propagandist was indignant.

In addition, he recalled how Girkin refused the offers of “Wagner” mercenaries to fight against Ukraine.

“When the war is over, many questions can be asked. And when the country is at war, and you are through the lip… The question is who pulled your lip like that,” Solovyov concluded.


Solovyov lashed out at Girkin because of Putin

What Girkin said about Putin 

On April 9, the terrorist Ihor Strelkov (Ghirkin) admitted that the Russian Federation has suffered only continuous defeats for the past six months . Against this background, the actor thought about the future of Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

In his blog, Girkin called Putin “in fact still the leader of the nation,” “until he dies or is overthrown.” The criminal complains that the Russians have no other president, and that Putin “created such a wonderful system himself.”

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  1. This sack of shit sounds like someone from North Korea, where they worship the turds that their fat boy craps. Why doesn’t call the evil little runt “supreme God”?

  2. If by some chance this terrorist ever become president of the shithole, Solovyov will be choosing his window. Sometimes it’s just better to keep your stupid thoughts to yourself.

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