“We do not have a conflict with Ukraine”: Putin made a new cynical statement about the war

Anastasia Gorbacheva14:08, 04/13/23

Volodymyr Medynskyi called Ukraine “a part of the Russian land”.

On the second year of rocket terror, the destruction of Ukrainian cities and  the systematic killing of Ukrainians , the Russian Federation declared that “they have no conflict with Ukraine.” At the same time, the Kremlin still claims that the so-called “special operation” was allegedly “inevitable”.

“I do not feel hatred for the Ukrainian people and Ukraine. I deeply like the Ukrainian people. I have a lot of blood mixed in there, so I say that I am a real Russian, which is not mixed. And I feel great love for this land and its history, and her heroic past”, – said  the adviser to the President of the Russian Federation Volodymyr Medynskyi in an interview with the Russian propaganda publication “RBK”.

At the same time, he called Ukraine “an inseparable part of the Russian world” and “a part of the Russian land”.

“We do not have a conflict with Ukraine. Unfortunately, we have a conflict between traditional colonialists, who built successful colonial empires for centuries, with a territory that did not want to be a colony. They wanted to make us a colony since the 17th century, some, then others, then others … Who didn’t want to make a colony out of us. Now it’s the next round,” Medynskyi said.

The henchman of the Russian dictator claims that he does not consider all Ukrainians to be “Banderians”.

“There are completely different people there. It is necessary to separate the Ukrainian regime, the Ukrainian people, and so on. Some are ideologically zombified, some are not,” concluded Putin’s posipak.

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  1. After reading that toxic, evil putinazi sludge, here is the antidote; from a real Ukrainian. In this case LinkedIn member Volodymyr Kukharenko today :

    “Raping babies, cutting off the genitalia of Ukrainian soldiers, burning hundreds of Ukrainian prisoners alive, shooting a Ukrainian prisoner for the words “Glory to Ukraine”, cutting off the head of a Ukrainian prisoner alive, burning a heap of women’s naked bodies, raped and executed. You can see videos and photos of all these. Google if you do not believe me.

    They are worse than Nаzіs, they are worse than ІSІS. Because they are not even guided by ideology or by orders from above, no. They are just sadistic savages, without any higher purpose. And this is not just now, and not because of Putin. They were doing this in WW2, there are memoirs of a soldier who describes the mass rape of 12 y.o. girl in Germany, killing her in the end. Earlier periods are no better. Europeans that visited Moskovia in 16-17 centuries were describing Moskovites as inhumanly cruel, even by the standards of those days.  
    Meaningless cruelty when there was no need for it, just for their perverted satisfaction.

    In 1552, they assaulted Kazan, the capital of Tatars, and the tsar made a vow on Holy Bible that they will let people live if they give up. Once they entered the city, the slaughter began.

    In 1708, they slaughtered all people of Baturyn, the capital of Ukrainian cossacks. 20000 people were not spared, even babies.

    I can list pages of similar cases.

    Alexey Tostoy (1883-1945), a Russian writer, once wrote: “There are two Rus. The first one, Kyivan Rus, has its roots in the global, or at least in the European culture. This Rus understood the ideas of goodness, honor, freedom, and justice just as the entire Western world did. And there is the second Rus – Moscow Rus. This is the Rus of the taiga, Mongolian, wild, and animalistic. This Rus made bloody despotism and savage fury its national ideal. This Moscow Rus has always been, is, and will be a complete denial of everything European and a sworn enemy of Europe.”

    That is Russia. The historical fact is that Moskovites exited the stone age 4000 later than the rest of Europe. Herodotus in the 5th century was calling them “Androphaghi”, which means cannibals. And they’ve been resisting progress all the time. And you see they are still halfway…”

    • The best thing to happen to humanity would be the complete extinction of this cockroach race.

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