US doesn’t give Ukraine long-range weapons to avoid irritating China – media

13.04.2023 07:10

 The United States’ reluctance to provide Ukraine with long-range weapons is explained by concerns about China’s possible reaction.

This is evidenced by secret documents of the US Department of Defense leaked to the Internet, which were reviewed by Reuters.

“China would respond more strongly and most likely increase the scale and scope of material it is willing to provide Russia if Ukrainian strikes hit a location of high strategic value or appeared to target senior Russian leaders,” said what appeared to be a collation of U.S. intelligence assessments.

Reuters notes that it used more than 50 leaked documents marked “Secret” and “Top Secret” for its analysis. At the same time, it is noted that the authenticity of this leak has not yet been established and the agency has not been able to independently verify the information provided.

As reported, last week, The New York Times reported that the Pentagon is investigating the leak of classified documents on social media concerning US and NATO plans for a planned counteroffensive by the Ukrainian Armed Forces

Advisor to the Head of the President’s Office Mykhailo Podolyak said that the publication of the alleged documents on Ukraine’s counteroffensive was a Russian bluff.

The US Department of Justice has launched an investigation into the leaked documents.

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  1. We are the USA. We are the BOSS. Why gives a flying fuck about China or RuSSia. All fake excuses coming from behind a curtain of CORRUPTION!!!

    • > Who gives a flying fuck about China

      If China were to use an attack by Ukraine on Russian territory using US-supplied weapons as a trigger to start supplying arms to Russia, I think a lot of us would care a great deal.

  2. “At the same time, it is noted that the authenticity of this leak has not yet been established and the agency has not been able to independently verify the information provided.”

    At the same time, it is noted that this wouldn’t surprise anyone, because it sounds like a scrotumless Biden and his gang of cowards.

    • If it wasn’t for Biden, Ukraine would already have been swallowed by Russia. Yes, I’d like to see us lean in with longer range weapons, but asserting he is “scrotumless” in dealing with the balancing of interests that are complicated and don’t lend themselves to simple 3-word bumper-sticker solutions, makes me glad he is in office, and you are playing tough-guy on your keyboard.

      • If you are glad over Biden’s oh so generous help, then you’re very easily pleased. I’m not. I’ve been at this for over 9 years, since a previous president utterly failed to honor an agreement to Ukraine’s security after the runt stole the Crimea and started the war in Donbas. I’ve been watching Biden fuck up since even before the orcs invaded in February. He has always first refused help, then, when it was finally approved, it was not only quite late, but too little. As the first Leopards and Challengers are already in Ukraine, our Abrams won’t be expected for another 6 to 12 months. Even to this day, he refuses to send what is needed to end this war asap. Also, his deplorable action in Afghanistan was a green light for the Kremlin runt in the first place.
        Yes, I am glad for the help Biden sent to Ukraine. But, looking at the overall picture, he is much too slow and much too afraid, or, as I put it, scrotumless.

        • I think there’s wide-spread agreement that President Biden did an excellent job in the lead-up to the invasion – passing along intel to Ukraine; exposing Russia’s plans to stage a “false flag” operation, and uniting Western nations against Russia.

          There are many reasons why M1 Abrams tanks aren’t the best choice for Ukraine now. The reason that we finally agreed to send some was in order to get Germany to OK sending Leopards.

          Afghanistan was Trump’s surrender agreement, negotiated by Trump’s Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo. Biden was stuck with either going along with it, or ripping it up and starting from scratch (while more US soldiers were being killed).

          Please don’t peg me as a Biden-lover – he was far from my first choice. But I think a lot of the Biden haters here are being unfair regarding his accomplishments.

          • I respect and accept your opinions, Larry. I think none of us has ever claimed that Biden did everything wrong. But, I think that we have plenty of reasons to criticize Biden’s methodologies. My personal opinion is that Biden did too many things wrong.
            Afghanistan is such a thing. Of course, he had to abide to Trump’s deal with the Taliban. But, when they broke certain agreements, he could’ve done the very same thing. He could’ve pressured the Taliban to abide to all conditions or threaten to rip the agreement up in their face. A strong and confident POTUS would’ve done just that. Not Biden. Despite numerous infractions by the Taliban, Biden kept our part of the deal. That was just plain wrong strategy. It cost the lives of our soldiers in the last moments of being in the country. It was a deplorable and embarrassing escape.
            Biden also made a grave mistake even before Vlad sent in his cockroach army by telling the runt what we will and will not do. You NEVER let an enemy look into your cards like that. I agree with letting the world know about mafia land’s plans, but, what good did it do? Nothing. It didn’t stop Putler nor did it help Ukraine get what it needed.
            The rest of Biden’s course of action was not so very good either. Denying Ukraine certain weapons every step of the way is not a good strategy. It downright sucks shit. Then, handing over stuff that’s already too late and too little is hardly any better.
            We have thousands of military equipment just sitting around in various depots, collecting rust and dust, costing us money. We could easily have handed some of it over to Ukraine and save money in the long run. If we had trained and given Ukraine what it needs, a half year or so ago, we could be much closer to a victory, maybe even be in a post-war world right now. But, unfortunately, fear still governs Biden and his staff. I cannot figure out any other reason why we’re still seeing a no-maybe-yes-too little-too late methodology in this war. I don’t know what final outcome is to be achieved by the Biden administration.

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