“Secret” documents of the Pentagon could be leaked by a 21-year-old serviceman – The New York Times

Anastasia Gorbacheva20:42, 04/13/23

Journalists found out that the possible suspect was related to intelligence.

Journalists found out who could leak the “secret” documents of the Pentagon . The administrator of the Discord online group in which the data appeared is a 21-year-old intelligence officer of the Massachusetts Air National Guard.

According  to  The New York Times, Jack Teixeira oversaw the Internet group Thug Shaker Central, which united about 20-30 people against the background of a common love of guns, racist Internet memes and video games.

Two US officials confirmed that investigators want to speak with the military about the leaked documents. At the same time, one of them stated that Teixeira may have information relevant to the investigation.

Journalists of The New York Times spoke with four members of the group Thug Shaker Central. One of the interviewees stated that he had known the person who released the documents for at least three years, had met him personally and called him OG. Another member of the chat reported that OG had access to intelligence documents due to his work.

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  1. I can’t figure out how someone from the Air National Guard has a need-to-know clearance to get access to such types of documents. Either the Pentagon has degraded into a circus, or something is fishy about this.

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