Biden commented on the leak of secret US documents

Evgenia Sokolenko16:34, 04/13/23

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American special services are getting closer to solving the case.

The US Department of Justice and Intelligence are conducting a large-scale investigation into the leak of classified documents from the Pentagon.

This was stated by US President Joe Biden during his visit to Ireland, writes Bloomberg reporter Jennifer Jacobs on  Twitter.  According to the American leader, the disclosure of the case is approaching.

“The US Department of Justice and the intelligence community are conducting a full-scale investigation into the leak of Pentagon materials, and are getting closer to solving the case,” Biden said.

The American president is more concerned about the fact of the documents being leaked than their content.

Leak of Pentagon documents – what is known

It became known about the “leakage” of Pentagon documents on  April 7 . It was reported that documents with data on the needs of the Armed Forces before a counteroffensive and distorted US estimates of Ukrainian and Russian losses were leaked online. 

After that, the  Pentagon  reduced the number of people who now have access to classified information. 

The Washington Post believes that the leak of “secret documents” of the Pentagon could have been organized by a young employee of one of the US military bases.

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