The number of refugees in Poland who do not plan to return to Ukraine has doubled – survey

Anastasia Pechenyuk19:45, 12.04.23

At the same time, more than half of Ukrainians are waiting for the opportunity to return home.

Currently, almost 40% of Ukrainian refugees do not plan to return to Ukraine from Poland, according to the data of the Gremi Personal employment company  survey conducted in March with the participation of 1,270 respondents.

Another 55% of Ukrainians plan to return to Ukraine, 7% – to move from Poland to another country. 82% of those who return intend to do so after the end of the war, 8% in the spring, 6% in the summer, and 4% in the fall. 

The number of those who do not plan to return to Ukraine has more than doubled over the past six months – from 17% to 38%.

“This may indicate a number of factors. Some people no longer have a place to return to, mostly people from the East and South of Ukraine, whose homes were destroyed by the Russian occupiers. Many people have already adapted in Poland, got jobs and sent their children to Polish schools. Some women have built a relationship with the Poles and don’t want to part anymore,” comments Anna Jobolda, director of Gremi Personal’s recruitment department. 

In addition, the agency notes that more than 10,000 Ukrainian companies have recently opened in Poland, which gives Ukrainians the opportunity to hold good positions and receive Polish salaries.

Ukrainian refugees in Poland  

Poland is the country that received the most Ukrainians who were forced to leave their homes due to the invasion of Russia. More than 11 million Ukrainians have crossed the border with Poland since the start of the full-scale war. According to the latest data, about 2 million refugees live in Poland, 739 thousand of them are already employed.  

10% of Ukrainians in Poland have already learned the language perfectly, 30% can communicate freely. Another 50% learn the language, but it is difficult. 10% of Ukrainians are not going to learn Polish. 

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  1. After the war there no people to rebuild Ukraine……………but why should you rebuild for people who dont return…………..

  2. If I read the report correctly, approximately 1.7mm refugees so 40% is about 650,000. I guess not that bad.

  3. In my opinion it is understandable. The situation is actually far from simple, very dynamic.
    The future is uncertain, especially for the people who have fled the occupied territories.

    But I’m sure that if it all ends well, there will be a lot of enthusiasm and a desire to come back.
    Especially if Ukraine is on the right (quick) track to join the EU. Very important in this case.

    Always light after darkness!

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