The execution of a Ukrainian soldier by the Russians is not an isolated case: the UN shared alarming information

Vitaly Sayenko16:32, 12.04.23

The UN monitoring mission calls for bringing to justice the Russians responsible for mutilating the body of a Ukrainian prisoner of war.

The monitoring mission of the United Nations Organization for Human Rights in Ukraine states that the beheading of a Ukrainian prisoner of war by the Russians is not an isolated case.

This is stated in a statement on the website of the United Nations in Ukraine. In particular, the UN Monitoring Mission is shocked by extremely violent videos that were published on social networks on April 11.

“One of the videos shows the brutal execution of a man, probably a Ukrainian prisoner of war, and the other shows mutilated bodies, probably Ukrainian servicemen. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated case. In recent reports, the mission has documented a number of serious violations of international humanitarian law, in particular, committed against prisoners of war . These latest violations, like others, must be properly investigated and the guilty brought to justice,” the statement emphasized.

The execution of a Ukrainian soldier by enemies – what was reported

As UNIAN reported, on the evening of April 11, a video appeared on social networks in which Russian soldiers cut off the head of a Ukrainian soldier with a knife. Judging by the video, the soldier was still alive when one of the occupiers started doing it.

The head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Andriy Yermak reacted to this, noting that “there will be an answer and responsibility for everything.” The Security Service of Ukraine has started a pre-trial investigation of this war crime under Part 2 of Art. 438 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, emphasized that Ukraine is not going to forget anything and forgive the murderers . The head of state noted that it is impossible in the world to ignore how easily these animals are killed.

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  1. All those west-based politicians and opinion-formers who continue to shill for fuhrer pootler: just eat shit and die motherfuckers.

  2. The UN calls to “bring to justice” those that have committed these atrocities but the UN should know by now that these atrocities are Putin’s policies and tactics in Ukraine!

  3. “In particular, the UN Monitoring Mission is shocked by extremely violent videos that were published on social networks on April 11.”

    The same UN that allows the crime syndicate, that’s committing these sorts of atrocities and many others, to sit as president of the UNSC? That UN?

    • From the LinkedIn page of Roman Sheremeta: “I just watched a video of the russian soldiers cutting off the head of a captured Ukrainian soldier. I wish I had not seen this video or heard the agonizing voice screaming from pain and terror. But the world needs to see it. He was somebody’s son, a relative, a friend, a human being.

      It sickens me that there are still morally bankrupt people who want for Ukraine to “negotiate” with these terrorists. You cannot negotiate with evil, because it will only spread.

      The one thing that I pray for is for the Ukrainian soldiers to keep their humanity to remain human. Because, we cannot allow this evil to change us into evil.”

      “P.S. If you have some russian lovers, show it to them. I have posted a blurred video on my Twitter account” :


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