Russia is much worse than ISIS. And the world needs to confront this evil.

From the FB page of Roman Sheremeta

April 13, 2023

Yesterday, the whole world witnessed how the russian soldiers cut off the head of a captured Ukrainian soldier. I wish I had not seen this video or heard the agonizing voice screaming from pain and terror. But the world needs to see it. He was somebody’s son, a relative, a friend, a human being.

Some will say that ISIS did similar things. But the response to the brutality of ISIS was a multi-national coalition to confront them and defeat them. The coalition took immediate and complete control of the skies over Iraq and Syria, then they started to hit ISIS with airstrikes. Eventually, ISIS was defeated.

Russia is a hundred times worse than ISIS ever was at their peak. ISIS did not possess the equipment, firepower, and troops that russia does to execute their plan of torture, terror, and slaughter of the Ukrainian people. Not only was no multi-national force assembled to fight russia in Ukraine, the US, the UK and Canada still refuse to formally declare russia as a terrorist state.

It sickens me that there are still morally bankrupt people who want Ukraine to “negotiate” with russian terrorists. You cannot negotiate with evil because it will only spread. The world needs to wake up and confront this evil.



  1. Urgent legislation required in all civilized nations now:
    Complete seizure of all Russian assets in the west, complete trade, travel and diplomatic embargo, arrest of all politicians and opinion-formers holding clear pro-kremlin views and the seizure of their assets too.
    As for the military response, surely that goes without saying?

  2. They just had a UNSC meeting. Why haven’t we heard the outrage from that useless org known as United Nations. Oh I forgot, they’re busy working on where they’ll have dinner tonight.

  3. Of course, mafia land is much worse than ISIS. But, much of this world doesn’t give a shit. Even those that should care are moving at snail’s pace. This entire affair also sickens me! If aliens came to conquer this world, I wouldn’t even care. Our civilization is worth rat shit.

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