Pakistan to provide Ukraine with 230 containers of military equipment

12.04.2023 18:00

Pakistan will send 230 containers of defense equipment to Ukraine as early as this month.

That’s according to The Economic Times, Ukrinform reports.

It is noted that the vessels MV Bokram and MV Kherson carrying military equipment will be heading from the port of Karachi.

Ships transporting arms from Pakistan to Ukraine are increasingly flying the flags of the US and European countries, people familiar with the matter told ET. The outlet had earlier reported that ports in Poland and Germany are the main gateways for transporting arms from Pakistan, including tanks and missiles.

As the publication notes, Pakistan has become a key supplier of defense equipment to Ukraine. Last year, Great Britain used Pakistan as an air bridge to supply weapons to Ukraine through the territory of Romania.

The Economic Times notes that Pakistan is providing aid to Ukraine even as it seeks help from Russia to modernize its own aircraft engines.



  1. I’ve seen some shells with PAK markings early on, good to hear they are still acting as a pass threw
    as well as making supplies available for Ukraine.

  2. Thank you, Pakistan!
    Who would’ve thought? Pakistan is sending military aid to Ukraine, Switzerland is sending jack shit, ditto Hungary, who is also mafia land’s little fuck-puppet.

    • Pakistan is not doing it because they are good people: Pakistan is on the brink of bankruptcy so they basically have to sell everything they can.

      For Ukraine, this comes exactly at the right moment.

      The U.S. always had a crazy relationship with Pakistan though. Pakistan kept the Taliban alive, but at the same time they bought U.S. arms and were an ally. It is something I still cannot fully understand.

      At the same time, India doesn’t buy American arms because of American support to Pakistan.

      This does cost the U.S. a lot of money as the Indian economy is way bigger.

      Also, India and China are enemies, so siding with India makes more sense, while Pakistan and China have close ties.

      • Well, Pakistan is selling the stuff to Ukraine and not mafia land.
        I fell the same way about the trio Pakistan-India-China. It’s a crazy situation.

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