Kremlin poll shows 70% Russians want to go to another planet

12 APRIL 2023

A recent poll has shown that 70% of Russians want to go to another planet, including one of the gas giants.

SourceRBC (Russian Business Consulting), a Russian news outlet, citing a poll by the Russian Public Opinion Research Centre

Details: A total of 24% of Russians said they would like to go to Mars, 10% that they want to go to the moon, 9% chose Venus, 6% Jupiter, a gas giant, and 5% said they would go to Saturn.

RBC reported that the number of Russians who believe in the possibility of waging a war in space has risen from 7% in 2014 to 35% this year.

One in 10 Russians also believe that humanity will be wiped out by a giant meteor within the next 50 years. A further 3% believe that aliens will capture the Earth.

Reference: The Russian Public Opinion Research Centre is a sociological research centre conducting research commissioned by the Kremlin. The centre does not publish some of the poll results, including questions concerning opposition politician Alexey Navalny. It also often resorts to leading questions, in order to ensure poll results comply with the Kremlin’s agenda.

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  1. The stupidity of most ruskies is unfathomable. The places they want to go to are extremely hostile, except for the moon and Mars. But, I wish I could send them there anyway.

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