US prepares to impose sanctions against the Hungarian government – media

Anastasia Pechenyuk19:09, 04/11/23

The deterioration of relations between Hungary and the United States is becoming more apparent

The United States is likely to impose sanctions against influential people in Hungary amid aggravated relations due to the country’s unwillingness to help Ukraine in the fight against Russian aggression , Wegner’s writes , citing diplomatic sources.

Thus, the US is supposed to want to punish the Hungarian government, as happened in 2014 when six Hungarian citizens were banned from entering the US due to allegations of corruption.

On Wednesday, April 12, US Ambassador to Hungary David Pressman convened a press conference at which an announcement of sanctions could be made. Officially, the embassy does not announce the topic of the briefing.

The deterioration of relations between Hungary and the United States is becoming more and more evident. In his annual speech in February, Prime Minister Viktor Orban poked fun at Ambassador Pressman and his last name. In addition, he stated that he hoped that the next ambassador would not be called Puccini, accusing the United States of possible preparations for a negotiation in his government. Since then, he has repeatedly said that the US seeks to put pressure on Hungary “in the war against Russia.” 

At the same time, Pressman and the embassy staff have repeatedly indicated that they perceive the remarks addressed to the ambassador in the media as attacks on the United States, sanctioned by the Hungarian government.

The ambassador, in response, complained about the Russian propaganda in the government press and ridiculed the statements of Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto about Budapest’s alleged non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries.

Hungary’s latest statement on the war in Ukraine 

The day before, Hungarian Foreign Minister Szijjarto distinguished himself with an ambiguous statement that his country insists on a ceasefire and the start of peace talks on Ukraine, but this does not mean that Budapest agrees to “gift” the territories occupied by Russia to Russia.

And the leader of the parliamentary faction of the ruling Fidesz party, Mate Kosic , said that the world is threatened with a nuclear war due to the fact that European countries are helping Ukraine in the war. 

Also this month, the Hungarian authorities threw a tantrum over the visit of Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba to NATO headquarters.

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    • The sooner the better. POS country even worst then Russia. The Russians have grown up with propaganda for three hundred years. They don’t know better. But the Hungarians, did they forget how the Russians brought tanks into their country. POS.

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