The US Congress believes that a leak from the Pentagon will have deadly consequences for Ukraine

Anastasia Pechenyuk17:16, 11.04.23

The Russians can block the way for intelligence gathering.

The US House Intelligence Committee believes that the leak of secret Pentagon documents on the war in Ukraine could have fatal consequences for Ukrainians.

According to CNN , the top Democrat on the U.S. House Intelligence Committee, Jim Gimes, argues that after the leak, access to important intelligence could be lost.

He is concerned that close US allies in the so-called Five Eyes Intelligence Partnership (FVEY), which includes Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the UK, will “think twice before sharing their most sensitive intelligence” after the leak.

According to him, the Russians can block the way for the collection of intelligence by the Americans, which could save the lives of Ukrainians every day. 

“There is a very real risk that these sources and methods will disappear. And that could mean killing people, it could mean turning off technology. And that leads to bad results on the battlefield,” he said.

Pentagon data leak – what is known

Earlier this month, the media reported on a massive Pentagon data breach . These documents contain a wide range of information – from an analysis of the state of Ukrainian air defense  and  how optimistic the United States is in assessing the success of the Armed Forces of Ukraine , to  scenarios for the transfer of weapons by Israel to Ukraine.

The Office of the President claimed that these materials were “photoshop” and the Russian IPSO against the backdrop of Ukraine’s preparations for a counteroffensive. At the same time , intelligence noted that some of this information was collected from open sources. The Bellingcat team found out that the materials got into the network in January, but the source of the leak has not yet been established. 

US intelligence agencies believe that the leak occurred from them, and not from one of the allies, the Pentagon is looking for its source .

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  1. There’s a fucking easy way out of this; SEND WHAT UKRAINE IS ASKING FOR!
    Ending the war asap negates any “deadly consequences”.

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