‘Russians Will Have Three Options To Leave Crimea: Crawl Stroke, Breast Stroke And Dog Paddle’

The entire Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation will go down following the Moskva cruiser.


Head of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov announced a ‘surprise’ for Russian warships on the Black Sea. What’s it about?

Charter97.org asked military expert, Reserve Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and pilot-instructor Roman Svitan.

– There are at least five weapons announced publicly, and all of them can destroy the Russian fleet, if we have enough of them.

The first is our Ukrainian Neptune missiles, developed on the basis of the old sсhool Kh-35 missile. It was these missiles that sank the Moskva cruiser. Their range can be extended up to 300 kilometres. Also, the Neptune missiles can be launched from the air. Fighter aircraft can be used for launch, which means that the radius of the fighter is added to the combat radius of the missile, and this is up to 1000 kilometres. It turns out that we can reach any point in the Black Sea basin only with the Neptunes.

The second weapon is the Harpoon missiles, which we already have in service. This is a European missile with approximately the same range as the Neptune missiles, about 300 kilometres. These munitions also have an air launch option, it turns out that they can also be used to destroy the Russian squadron.

The third one: there is already publicly available confirmation of the decision to transfer SCALP missiles to Ukraine, or they are also called Storm Shadow. It is a cruise missile with a range of over 500 kilometres.

The fourth is Harpoon’s successor, a missile with an increased attack range created on its basis, its range reaching 500 kilometres. I talking about the SLAM-ER.

The fifth is surface (gliding) and underwater drones. They have already attacked Sevastopol Bay more than once. Underwater drones can follow the gyroscope for several hundred kilometres deep underwater, and then resurface and finish off the Russian squadron in control mode.

I have mentioned at least five weapons for the destruction of Russian warships, and there may be more. Those that are not yet revealed and classified. In general, the fate of the flagship of the Russian Fleet is waiting for the entire Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation. All of them will come down to the bottom of the Black Sea. I think that we will really hear such news in the near future.

– How do the occupiers in Crimea and southern Ukraine feel today, given the latest missile strikes?

– We started to reach Feodosia with very serious missiles. After all, there were explosions of warheads weighing more than a hundred kilograms. By the way, it can be the Grom or the SLAM, almost everything that I mentioned can be used at such a range.

There is a 250-kilometres distance from the Ukrainian town of Beryslav located on the right bank in the area of Nova Kakhovka to Feodosia. We are able to cover this range. Therefore, I think that the Russians do not feel quite comfortable.

After all, anti-aircraft missile systems were destroyed. The systems were supposed to defend the Crimean Bridge, but could not even cover themselves. Naturally, the next strikes may be closer to the Crimean Bridge, the Black Sea squadron and the fleet located in Crimea, as well as other military bases on the annexed peninsula. About 150 military bases are located there. All of them are military facilities. In general, they are feeling in Crimea like they are on the front line.

– What will happen to the Black Sea Fleet in the near future? Will the invaders have to evacuate from there?

– I think that after we have sufficient munitions, there will be no need to evacuate it already. We will simply sink it, wherever they are: in Novorossiysk, in Crimea, on the Black Sea. We are talking about the task of sinking the entire Black Sea Fleet.

So, we need to be 100% sure that there will be no supplies of munitions for the warships located in Crimea in order to liberate the peninsula. I’d like to emphasize that it is necessary to destroy the Crimean Bridge and any boat that will hang out in the Black Sea.

There are several routes leading to Crimea. Firstly, the route along the Crimean Bridge. Secondly, the land corridors from Rostov to Mariupol, Melitopol and Dzhankoy. Thirdly, the air routes for transferring military ammunition. And vessels are the last option.

All four routes must be destroyed, then it will be possible to talk about the operational encirclement of the Crimean Russian group. In this case, it can be easily destroyed.

After we cut all these routes, there will be, however, three more ways for the Russians to leave Crimea: crawl stroke, breast stroke and dog paddle crawl. If they want to stay alive it’s possible to swim from Kerch to Taman. It will actually depend on their physical strength.


  1. ‘Russians Will Have Three Options To Leave Crimea: Crawl Stroke, Breast Stroke And Dog Paddle’

    That about sums it up!

  2. Cutting off BSF supplies will make them even more vulnerable. Payback is coming with a vengeance.

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