Why did the Russian Federation create a fake with a “drain” of data on the counteroffensive: Arestovych revealed the enemy’s plan

Violetta Orlova05:20, 10.04.23

Arestovych called the Russian Federation “twice idiots”.

The alleged “leakage” of data on the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation is a very poorly fabricated fake of the Russian Federation, which was made “according to all the laws of disinformation”: 90% truth and 10% falsehood, noted expert Oleksiy Arestovych.

“The goal is very simple: on the Ukrainian and Russian segments, they legalized allegedly large losses for us and low – for them. This attempt cannot cause anything but laughter. And all other tasks in the style: “holey Americans”, “holey Ukrainians “, “Ukrainians are leaking secret American data”, “let’s sow distrust between the allies”. I think the main thing is to legalize the low numbers of losses”, – explained Arestovych. 

Also, according to the expert, the Russians wanted to “show the Ukrainians the futility of their efforts: that we have twice as many losses, the command, the president is lying to us… In fact, the losses are huge! And if we go on a counteroffensive, they will be five times more, you see!”.  

This is an attempt to create public opinion against a counteroffensive. This is just IPSO before big events, Arestovych suggested.

When asked why “the Americans are playing along”, having announced, in particular, an official investigation into the leak of data in the Pentagon, Arestovich once again reminded: “Three documents of some kind are true, the others are fabricated. The USA wants to determine where the “matrix”, the “basis” of the document came from . Into these true documents, false ones were also stuffed.”

Arestovych called the Russian Federation “twice idiots”: “If it’s true and they published it, they’re idiots. If it’s a fake, they made it look really bad, so they’re idiots too.”

The expert noted that it is impossible to stop the counteroffensive when there are already clear deadlines: “This is a huge machine that has come into action. There are very few factors that can affect it until the plans are fully revealed – and this will not affect it.”

“Draining” of counterattack data – what is known

The day before, The New York Times published an article in which it was announced about the  “leakage” of US data regarding the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces. In fact, the published documents contained only anonymously corrupted data on Russian and Ukrainian losses and needs of the Armed Forces as of March 2023.

In Ukraine, the “leakage” of information about the “counteroffensive” of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has already  been called part of the Russian special information operation aimed at disrupting the Ukrainian counteroffensive. 

Military analyst Ivan Kyrychevsky noted that the Russian Federation probably aimed at the mood of a narrow circle of American advisers at the Pentagon and the White House: “This is a specific game that can affect only a narrow circle of American political and military advisers at the Pentagon or the White House, who can simply to be skeptical about the prospects of our counteroffensive and, accordingly, to cheer them up.” 

In turn, the Institute for the Study of War specified that “the leak of US documents showed that the Russians fear a counteroffensive from Ukraine.” 

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    • In counterintelligence ops sometimes things are leaked just to see where they will go. But several of the documents in this “information” dump appear to have been altered to spin kremkrap. Even if all these documents are complete nonsense still requires investigation and plugging of leaks as well as dismissal and or charges against such parties as made this available to the pubic. May be years before we know for sure what this is/was all about.

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