Ukrainian soldiers spectacularly destroyed the Buk air defense system with an FPV drone: the video was published

Kateryna Schwartz17:00, 10.04.23

The complex was “roasted” in the Avdiyiv direction.

The armed forces of Ukraine destroyed the Russian anti-aircraft missile complex “Buk” in Panteleimonivka in the Avdiiv direction, a video was published on the network.

“I understand that a “pope” was successfully elected in the area of ​​one of the Russian air defense systems,”  military expert Oleksandr Kovalenko noted ironically, commenting on the corresponding video.

There is information that the air defense system was destroyed by an FPV drone.

The information is confirmed by Russian propagandists, who envy the Armed Forces of Ukraine that they have such kamikaze drones. Armed Forces destroyed the “Buk” air defense system in the Avdiiv direction

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  1. I didn’t find another link to the rashist buk being dusted, but here is footage of a tos getting smoked.

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