Ukraine is ready to accept foreign pilots flying F-16 fighters

Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov confirmed during his visit to Odessa on April 10 that if F-16 fighter jets are handed over to Ukraine, foreign legionnaires could become their pilots.

At a joint press conference with his Danish colleague, he noted that volunteers from different countries have been fighting in the Ukrainian Defense Forces for a long time, so pilots who know how to fly these fighters have a chance to fight in Ukraine.

“If there are pilots who know how to fly the F-16 and are ready to take part in the war, then the Foreign Legion is ready to open its doors to them,” the minister said.

He also did not rule out that Ukraine will accept foreign engineers who are ready to come to our country to repair equipment.

Photo by Sergey Smolentsev


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  1. Both are great ideas.(foreign volunteer pilots and volunteer engineers.) Give Ukraine all the Falcons, Hornets, Warthogs, that they want and throw in some Apaches also. I’m sure they would have foreign pilots willing to fly the Apache as well. If we can quit screwing around and get these platforms into Ukraine, they will find people to fly and maintain them.

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