The US intercepted Russia’s plans in detail, even getting secret maps – CNN

Marta Hychko 12:59, 10.04.23

A large-scale leak of Pentagon data confirmed that the US had the technical ability to listen to the main offices of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

The USA penetrated the plans of the Ministry of Defense of Russia and PVK “Wagner” more deeply than previously thought. A large-scale leak of Pentagon documents shows that the American intelligence services exposed the plans of the occupiers thanks to intercepted communications. 

According to CNN , the data leak raises concerns that the Russians may now change their method of communication to better hide their plans. In addition, human sources in the Kremlin and the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation were at risk, because the USA received maps of the movement of Russian troops and logistics from confidential sources.

The documents show that the US was able to intercept Russian plans and targets, right down to when and which thermal power plants, electrical substations, and railway and road bridges Russian forces planned to attack in Ukraine.

Also, the USA was able to intercept the Russian strategy of combating NATO tanks, which were supposed to enter Ukraine from April. The plan “provided for the creation of three zones of fire – long, medium and short – with coverage of each zone by separate types of weapons and units.”

One of the leaked documents mentions losses on both sides of the conflict. At the same time, it is noted that exact numbers are difficult to estimate. According to one of the documents, as of February, Russian forces suffered between 189,500 and 223,000 casualties, including 43,000 servicemen killed in action. At the same time, Ukraine suffered from 124,500 to 131,000 casualties, including up to 17,500 killed in battle.

According to The New York Times , about 100 pages of secret documents were leaked to the network. U.S. intelligence sources say the documents are generally authentic, although at least one of them has redacted the numbers.

From these documents, it is possible to form an idea not only about where the US learns information from, but also how. For example, the CIA’s daily intelligence briefing indicates that electronic intelligence was used to eavesdrop on conversations in the Russian Ministry of Defense.

The newspaper also confirms that the United States provided Ukraine with data on the timing of missile strikes and bombings to be carried out by Russian troops. The documents also contain data on the weakening of Russian troops. Thus, in a February report, the National Center for Defense Management recognized the “decreasing combat capability” of the Russian military in eastern Ukraine.

Leaked Pentagon documents

On April 7,  the secret information of the Pentagon regarding the planning of the Ukrainian counteroffensive was leaked to the network. Data on the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were also publicly available. The GUR assured that  a large part of the “merged” information  was taken from open sources and contains disinformation useful for Russia.

American media reports that Ukraine  has changed its plans  for military operations due to the recent “leaking” of secret Pentagon documents.

Subsequently, a document was made public that testifies to the fact that the USA spied on the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyi.

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    • “Russian forces suffered between 189,500 and 223,000 casualties, including 43,000 servicemen killed in action.”

      What am I missing here? What is the difference between “Russian forces” and Russian “Servicemen”?

  1. This leak is a fucking disaster.
    And I wonder why.

    Even if the FSB gives you billions, there is no way you won’t get caught. So it probably isn’t for the money, just classic textbook arsegivery

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