The leak of Pentagon documents was real – SBU colonel

Evgenia Sokolenko16:23, 10.04.23

According to him, it is important to find out whether the enemy can continue to obtain such information.

The leak of secret US  military documents about the war in Ukraine was real.

This was stated by People’s Deputy, Secretary of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on National Security, Defense and Intelligence, SBU Colonel Roman Kostenko on Espresso. According to him, it is important to understand how deep and controlled the information leak was.

“Based on what I see and from my communication with people, including from the special services, this is a real leak of information. The question is how deep this leak is, also how controlled it was, or is it the merit of Russian intelligence. There was a leak, Russian intelligence tweaked these documents and put them out there to try to disrupt our plans. Again, the question is how deeply they know everything, also how often, was it a one-time thing, do they get this information, do they still have access to it.” , – he explained.

As Kostenko reminded, the USA did not claim that it was disinformation or a lie, but only that they are conducting an investigation. Currently, it is necessary to find out whether the enemy has the ability to continue to obtain such information.

“Those with whom this leak took place say that they will look into how serious it is. I think that this is a blow to the authority of the USA and NATO, so they will look into it at the state level, including at the level of the special services. Regarding the impact of this leak on Ukraine, if now it is really calculated that that information had correct data, then we will have to adjust our plans for carrying out some actions, whether they will be offensive or defensive, as well as change the schemes for replenishing us with ammunition,” – concluded the People’s Deputy.

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    • let’s not rock the boat
      we don’t even know if Biden has access to these documents, as I don’t think a POTUS will get the most detailed intel as he usually isn’t a military expert and a POTUS doesn’t have time to get into details too much.

      Still he is responsible, but the leaker (if there even is one) can be anyone in the security council, somewhere high in the intelligence agencies etc.

      The security council is my main suspect, as there are some people in that that are constantly putting their foot on the brakes when it comes to arms deliveries.

      But of course, that is just a bert speculating and based on nothing more than their cowardice.

    • I think these documents weren’t all shared with the EU.
      Some probably with no other country, including Ukraine.

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