“Moscow and St. Petersburg”: the State Duma of Russia announced where strikes are expected during the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces

Artem Budrin16:39, 10.04.23

According to the official, the attacks will be concentrated in three directions.

The target of the Ukrainian army during the counteroffensive will not be the front line . According to the deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Mykhailo Delyagin, we should expect arrivals in the Russian capital as well.

The official believes that Ukrainian forces will attack in three directions. According to him, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have already developed an offensive plan.

“The main blows in the course of the Ukrainian offensive will be delivered by the West not at the front, but in the rear — in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and the front-line regional cities. We are waiting and keeping calm,” Delyagin’s words are reported by Military.pravda .

In addition, the deputy added that during the counteroffensive, the Ukrainian military command will try to deceive Russia by simulating an attack in a completely different direction. According to Delyagin, it will be Bryansk. He noted that this is how Germany attacked during the Second World War.

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  1. This is what you call clutching at straws. If the US have no idea where Ukraine will strike, a bunch of clowns will certainly have no idea.

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