“Leak” of secret Pentagon documents led to changes in some military plans of Ukraine – CNN

Artem Budrin08:49, 10.04.23

Data on certain problems of Kyiv during the preparation of the counteroffensive were freely available.

Ukraine has changed its plans for military operations due to the recent “leaking” of secret Pentagon documents. As CNN reports , this information was provided to the publication by a source close to President Volodymyr Zelenskyi.

The material is about exposing the US in its spying on allies. The documents revealed as a result of the “leak” show the scale of wiretapping not only of enemies, but also of key partners, including Ukraine, Israel and South Korea.

This spying has caused concern among American officials, who fear the deterioration of relations with allies. In addition, sensitive sources of information are now at risk.

The top-secret documents reveal key deficiencies in Ukrainian weapons, air defense, the size and readiness of battalions at a critical moment in the war, when Ukrainian forces are preparing to launch a counteroffensive against the Russians. This happened at a time when Washington and Kyiv began to develop a more mutually trusting relationship over the exchange of intelligence.Other documents show the extent of US infiltration of the Russian Ministry of Defense and Wagner PMC. Obtaining information has occurred primarily through intercepted communications and human sources that may now be cut off or compromised.

The USA has already started an investigation into this incident. Deputy Defense Secretary Sabrina Singh said on Sunday that the Pentagon supported an “interagency effort” to assess the impact of the “leak”.

“The Department of Defense continues to review and evaluate the authenticity of photographed documents circulating on social media that appear to contain confidential and top secret material. An interagency effort has been initiated to assess the impact of these photographed documents on the national security of the United States and our allies and partners.” , – said Singh.

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    • Based on previous experience the pentagon isn’t that good to assume it was a planned obfuscation. Could be wrong and may not be giving enough credit to the pentagon but when you see an Admiral coming out defending and suggesting the withdrawal from Afghanistan was great, I just wonder about the grey matter in the pentagon these days.

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