“Half of the Ministry of Defense could have been captured”: Reznikov told about the secret bunker in Gostomel

Marta Hychko14:44, 10.04.23

According to him, deviation from the security protocol saved the personnel of the ministry from actual capture.

Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov admitted that he could have been captured if he had followed the established security protocol at the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation.

As the minister noted in the UP podcast , the protected command post of the MoU, where the minister was supposed to go with his team, was in Gostomel, where the enemy, as it later became obvious, directed a powerful strike in the form of a massive amphibious landing.

“The ZKP, which was attached to my staff, was located, you will laugh, in Gostomel, in a protected place, which was the first to be ambushed. Theoretically, if we had moved there in at least a day or two, then I would have had half of the ministry there . Almost in captivity. That’s why we simply scattered around various buildings belonging to the Ministry of Defense. Thank God, there are enough of them in Kyiv. I generally ordered the financiers to be taken out of Kyiv so that they were in a more or less safe place and could work,” – noted Reznikov.

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