Air Force spox explains why issue of F-16 jets should be raised constantly


Modern Western F-16 fighter jets are capable of destroying missiles and drones with one hundred percent success, which MiG and Su aircraft available in Ukraine cannot guarantee.

“[MiG and Su aircraft] provide fighter cover, work against the strikes of Shahed drones and cruise missiles, that is, where there is a large air defense or mobile fire groups, there are places where fighters work. Unfortunately, they are not as effective in the destruction of missiles and drones as we would like. F-16 would perform the tasks of destroying missiles and drones with one hundred percent efficiency,” Yuriy Ihnat, Spokesperson for the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said during the national news telethon.

He noted that it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to oppose Russian aviation with MiG and Su aircraft.

“The issue of F-16 should be constantly raised both in the West and in our country. This is what will allow us to gain air superiority, what will allow us to counter the enemy extremely effectively, and what will allow us to win,” the Air Force spokesman emphasized.

As reported, Ukraine now has four types of aircraft: Su-27 and MiG-29 fighters, Su-25 attack aircraft, and Su-24 bombers.

President of Poland Andrzej Duda said that Warsaw will lobby for the provision of NATO-standard aircraft to Ukraine.


  1. Not sending planes to Ukraine is, no doubt at all, a huge strategic mistake by the West. It’s simply mind-boggling how fear of mafia land still endures to prevail in Western capitals, even after more than a year of war and having crossed dozens of “red lines”.

    • In the second Gulf War, the US sent 250,000 troops and the UK sent 50,000. Japan gave $12 billion to the US. They have given $4 billion to Ukraine.
      Saddam was a tinpot dictator with a population of 25m. (It’s almost doubled since then). Almost 25% of the population were Kurds, who had suffered torture, gassing and genocide. They weren’t going to help him. The only ones he could rely on were Sunni Arabs, as the rest were Shiites; also hostile to Saddam.
      Yet the allies sent this huge force to crush a shithead.
      To crush an enormous fascist power they’ve sent no troops, no modern jets and no long range fires.
      God help Ukraine and protect her from the dirtiest nazis since the third Reich.
      Your heart is in the right place, Frankie Facts. Rest assured, I will continue to read all your posts and comments with the greatest of interest. Ditto of course for F1’s posts.
      For personal reasons, I monitor this demonic war 24/7. I get my news from primary sources, pro-Ukraine sites and Op-Eds from as many sources as possible. I will continue to monitor posts on this site too.
      Never say never, but for a number of reasons, including business commitments, time constraints and complaints from my loved ones, my levels of activity won’t be back to what they were any time soon. Also, I finally got fed up with the abuse I get here simply for providing forensically-researched factual information.
      I have a number of superb people I follow and interact with on LinkedIn, such as Yana Rudenko, Mariya Chekh and Robin Horsfall. I am appalled at the abuse and threats in comments they get from mainly western-based people simply for telling the unvarnished truth.
      If I get any vital public domain info, I will post here as usual.

      • Thanks for the detailed update, Scradge. Glad to hear from you again. Of course, I, and I dare to claim everyone else, too, miss your reports from Linked-In and the likes of Mr. Horsfall, but do what you must.

        • You can find Robin on FB. Also, and I can’t recommend him highly enough; the Ukrainian-American conservative professor Roman Sheremeta. He posts primary source info plus op-eds that are always bang on the money.

      • I for one miss you you Sir Scradgel. Sure we may have disagreements but no one can say you’re not 200% into providing the latest and best info available. I thank you for your wonderful efforts.

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